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MyWy is a lifestyle brand that pours its profits back into creative projects. Fostering a community of passionate and ambitious young creatives, MyWy fuels and facilitates emerging artists to achieve their goals.

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Project WY

We care about Wy you do what you do.

Profits from products create PROJECTS. It can be absolutely anything, from recording sessions to film trailers, to spoken word and fashion shows…if you have a creative idea, we want to hear about it!

MyWy was set up to kickstart the most important part of any creative’s career – the beginning.

Our aim as a brand is to fuel creative careers by offering one-on-one guidance and advice to stimulate inspiration and collaboration within the MyWy family.

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Our World, To Create.

MyWy started as an independent clothing line in 2018. However, founder Jonny Wymark Labey discovered its greater potential during the global pandemic.

Instead of just being a fashion brand, he believes that our products represent the vital importance of creative people and the arts in our everyday lives.

Whilst wearing, using, buying and loving our products you’re a part of our vision to fund and grow creative talent and make some brain melting projects!

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‘The name of the game is collaboration’
– Gene Kelly

In a time that’s advising separation we need to stick together. Stronger as a unit, and fiercer as a family!

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If you’re a creative person then we’d love to invite you to fill out the form below and join the MyWy network.
Thank you and welcome!
Jonny Labey

    Your Wy?

    Whether it’s DANCE, ART, SINGING, DESIGN, PARKOUR or SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING we like to share your WY.

    Follow us @mywyspace upload a video of your biggest creative passion and tag us on our instagram and tiktok accounts for a chance to be featured using the hashtags #WyWeDoIt #MyWy

    ALSO Feature one of our products in your video for a chance to be considered as one of our Brand Ambassadors!

    Join the MyWy family, shop now or donate to support the arts.

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    Share your MYWY #WyWeDoIt #MyWy


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