MyWy is a lifestyle brand that pours its profits back into creative projects. Fostering a community of passionate and ambitious young creatives, MyWy fuels and facilitates artists to achieve their goals.

Although MyWy was originally started as an independent clothing line in 2018, Founder and Chief Executive Jonny Wymark Labey discovered its greater potential during the global pandemic. As well as being fashionable and eco-friendly, all of our products are designed by MyWy artists.

The profits from every MyWy product are re-invested in innovative and stand-out projects pioneered by a network of emerging creatives. So, whenever you buy, use or wear a MyWy product, it’ll serve as a reminder that you’ve played a part in supporting the arts – at a time when the industry is in crisis.

From recording sessions, to film trailers; spoken word and dance pieces; at MyWy, we believe in bridging the gap between ideas and reality. As we continue to grow and invest, we hope to host workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions and a lecture series to stimulate inspiration and collaboration within the MyWy family.

Dellarte Artwork

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More recently, the idea has grown and reshaped into something much, much bigger.

“Having developed the makeup of MYWY and it’s purpose over 2 years I’ve never felt more excited to see where we can go with it. The famous saying of ‘right place, right time’ and how an opportunity can pave an entire career is close to my heart. We’re nurturing new talent and bridging the gap for opportunities and visions to become tangible. Shows like Eastenders, Strictly Ballroom or doing my first feature film Softlad gave me the belief in myself that I’d want to do this for the rest of my life. Throughout these experiences guidance is essential, as a lot of the time you don’t know where to get it or who to listen to.

What’s vital to us as a brand is putting the drive and determination that’s needed to be a creative in people’s everyday lives. We’re creating a brand that speaks out in style and tells its creator’s story whilst putting the message of ‘support the arts’ into physical products that our customers love. WY we do it, WY creativity has shaped our world is fundamental to the brand and your reason, your WY might seen daunting but myself and the collection of creative pioneers will support you in telling YOUR story!”

– Jonny Labey