Paul is an aspiring architect from Mission, Texas, who loves making things and drawing places that foreground exciting questions about time, aesthetics, history, and the environment. He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Over the last ten years, he has designed sets, led design teams in branding projects, service ventures, assisted teaching design studios, publications and has joined many other practices between Los Angeles and Helsinki. Paul received the 2020 Kanter Tritsch Prize in concert with the 2020 Kanter Tritsch Medalist, Peter Eisenman. He is always seeking to form new partnerships with people with similar values and interests. Metropolis Magazine has named Paul one of the Future 100 designers in the United States.

MYWY Collaboration

Paul reached out to MyWy and loved the idea of supporting new artists and their work. Paul has beautifully designed the leaflets which we send out with every purchase, each one displays an example of work from each of the Artists that we have worked with so far. The idea behind this was to enable our products to act as a networking tool, linking products to creatives and showcasing amazing new work that customers can keep as a token of appreciation for supporting their work.

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